A Few Power Tools Basics

A Variety of Power ToolsIn order to do work accurately, quickly and safely, the proper tools must be used. But there also has to be knowledge behind how to use them so that the user does not reduce efficiency or face an injury.

Some of the most time efficient devices ever made are power tools. By using compressed air, combustion and electricity, power tool users can finish jobs in twice the time using any traditional tools. There are multiple categories for power tools that include:


•Power source


There are two categories that power tools fall under: portable or stationary. Portable power tools are easily transported and usually lightweight; stationary tools are heavier, larger machine tools that have to be fastened to a nonmoving object. Both portable and stationary power tools have advantages.

What kind of energy do power tools use?</strong>

There are three basic kinds of power that power tools use: combustion, compressed air or electricity.

Compressed air: mechanical parts are moved around by air that is pushed through the device or power tool. An electric motor powers the tool’s air compressor;

Electricity: tools mostly use a type of electric motor; need to be plugged into an electrical outlet or powered by a battery;

Combustion: combustion can happen through use of small explosive charges known as cartridges; also use combustion engines.

Power tools categorized by purpose

Chainsaw – The most essential power tool, used to cut down trees, branches, concrete and stone. A bladed chain is pulled along a slotted guide bar. More modern chainsaws are run by combustion engine or electric motor.

Joiners – These are woodworking tools that use saw blades to cut wood into thin slices. The split wood is joined together by glue covered wood.

Jointer – cuts the surface of the wood using a specialized blade to make the wood flat.

Lathes – materials that need to be shaped and worked are spun by lathes. Lathes help the user concentrate on working the material instead of constantly turning the spindle.

Nailguns – These tools shoot nails into wood. They work much faster than hammering.

Pneumatic torque wrench – this tool is a wrench that utilizes compressed air to powerfully turn bolts, nuts and screws.

Power drills – The motor of a power drill is what turns the bit. Circular holes are cut fast. There are different types of power drills including the portable cordless drill and stationary drill press. Many handheld power drills have adapters that can drill screws, function as sanders and move torque bolts.

Sanders – take a rough surface and move it around and around over a smooth surface and make it a sander. The sander is varied, and includes belt sanders, disk sanders, drum sanders and mouse sanders.

Saws – these are cutting tools. Powered saws moves an extremely fast blade, having significant cutting power. Three types are Band, Radial Arm and Table.